How I limit my screen time

When I'm in front of screens, I always find reasons to spend more time on them that are harmful and detrimental to me.

Opening a website or app takes seconds. It's a reflex when I'm bored, and once I open it, I'm stuck there for a long time. The trick is to make this bad reflex difficult to perform. If something blocks me from using a website or application, I'll have more time to think about the mistake I'm about to make. The harder it is to disable the blocking, the more effective it will be.

With this in mind, I found a few tools that help me take back control of how I spend my time.


Cold Turkey: it's free software and a browser extension that work together to block applications and websites on my computer. It takes a bit of time to configure, but it's worth it. I check all the options to make the blocking radical: I won't be able to unblock it. If you buy the licence, you can set the amount of time per day that websites and applications can be used.

uBlock Origin: a free browser extension to block ads on all websites and disable features that encourage more use. For example, on X, I would block the following features: Who to follow, Explore, Trends.

I have permanently blocked websites that are addictive and do not make me happy in the long term: news, social networks and video platforms. My computer is unusable from 10pm to 7am every day.


Detox lock: Cold Turkey: an Android app that locks my smartphone from 10pm to 7am.

Digital Wellbeing : a feature available on all smartphones that limits the time I spend on certain apps.

On my phone, I have definitely blocked YouTube. I limited Chrome, Instagram and the Google search bar to 5 minutes each per day. From 10pm to 7am my phone is locked and I can only use it for calls and texts.


Now my PC and smartphone are configured to stop misuse and limit usage. Now I have the incentive to enjoy the real world, finish my books, be active, meet people and not stay up late.