I am a fallibilist. I admit that there are errors in my opinions, judgments, ways of thinking and points of view. This page is therefore constantly a work in progress.


With every species that disappears, it's a library that burns and the biosphere becomes more unstable.

Compensatory measures are a great hypocrisy. It's impossible to restore a destroyed ecosystem to its original state. There is bound to be a net loss of biodiversity. Who can claim to be able to recreate a forest of centuries-old trees? Or a thousand-year-old peat bog?

There's no such thing as too much biodiversity.

The best insect hotel is nature.

The new generation cares more about nature than the previous one.

By eating rodents that carry Lyme disease, mustelids (martens, weasels, badgers, ermines, opossums…) are our precious allies and are not "harmful" as some people believe.

When humans work with nature, there is no conflict with other species.

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